Coach Vinny Malts of Bloodline Hockey will be a speaker for the 31st Annual Roger Neilson Coaching Clinic. 

(Evesham, NJ) Philadelphia native, Coach Vinny Malts of Bloodline Hockey will be inspiring coaches around the world on Friday, June 7, 2019, at the Roger Neilson Coaches Clinic at their 31st annual event being hosted in Windsor ON.    

Coach Vinny will be a featured speaker sharing his story and unique perspective on player development. His unique style of coaching has been helping put mindset at the forefront of the game for both players and coaches.

“We have great admiration for Vince's work with mindset and wanted to further explore the evolution of the player/coach relationship which has changed significantly with Gen Z/millennials. With Vince's experience and incredible passion & enthusiasm for the topic, we think he's the perfect, and timely, fit to address our audience of dedicated coaches working to improve their craft. We look forward to having him with us as we celebrate our 31st year!” said Marshall Starkman, Co-Owner/Director for Roger Neilson Hockey

In 2018, Coach Vinny and Bloodline Hockey launched a Hockey Mindset Certification for Coaches with much success. Coaching is the focus of Bloodline Hockey. Coaching players and coaching coaches.

‘Bloodline Hockey was created to provide a lifeline of support to youth hockey players and coaches” said Marisa Malts, CEO for Bloodline Hockey, “This landscape is so tough to maneuver and the need for mindset education is paramount. While most coaches are focused on the physicality of the game, Coach Vinny was drawn to the way we can use sport to enhance emotional intelligence and hone in on life skills.”

“Although I was familiar with the term mindset, I didn’t really know what it meant. That changed with the Bloodline Hockey Coaching Certification course. Coach Vinny Malts has assembled a highly professional, thorough, mindset education program. The 12-week program is equivalent to taking a college semester course. The course made a significant impact in all areas of my life, coaching, personal and professional. I recommend it highly.”-Tim Taylor, Youth Hockey Coach

Coach Vinny Malts began his company, Bloodline Hockey after 30 years of playing and coaching elite level hockey. He has been at the forefront of incorporating mindset development through sport. His Bloodline roster of players includes NHL, NCAA DI/DIII, Major Junior and top ranked Midget/Bantam students. His coaching has helped some of the most elite players in the world maintain a positive thought process, continued focus on enhancing their role and learning how to spend their valuable time wisely. He was named the Student of the Year from the Mindset Performance Institute for his outstanding work with youth athletes. Vince Malts has coached at the professional and amateur level for over 20 years. His professional playing journey of 10 years, began in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for the Hull Olympiques, where he was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact Bloodline Hockey directly. You can reach Marisa Malts at 856.816.8879 or by email at 

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