Tom Brady’s Top 2 High Performance Habits You Can Use Right NOW!

Love him, or hate him(still waiting for that congratulatory handshake with Foles😉🦅), Tom Brady shares 2 very important nuggets of high performance wisdom in this short segment today.

He shares in this post game interview 2 ways he stays calm in high pressure moments:

1️⃣ Stay in the moment

It’s really easy to get caught up in making a bad play, and feeling it’s the end of the world…

The reality though?

Once you have the chance to make a play, the intention is to feel decisive and make a play. Once the play is over, the play is over. Time to get focused on the next play. Here Brady shares how he focuses on “ONE PLAY at a Time”. In hockey, this would be equivelent to “ONE SHIFT at a Time”.

I know how cliche it may sound, but ask yourself this simple question…Do I genuinely know how to stay focused on “ONE SHIFT at a Time”🤔

If not, then you have an opportunity for some great mental performance work ahead of you.

To build Bloodline, I remember using “ONE VIDEO at a time”, when we first started out…along with “Just make plays”, which I still use today with myself, and my students.

👉What the point of these short and potent chunks of words?

They’re easy to remember.
They’re simple.
They DIRECT your mind to remember a very important reality…

Stay in the moment, and play the game you have committed yourself to playing👊

Brady simply focuses on “One Play at a time”, because he EARNed the right to DO so.

He has many instinctive options before he makes that play. He knows the plays he is 💯 capable of making, because he’s mastered them over time.

Depending on the situation, he is able to instinctively pick which play suits him best at that moment.

How did he develop these plays🤔

By learning how to focus on “ONE PLAY at a Time”.

Another important nugget…

2️⃣ Perspective

“What an opportunity?!”

Did you notice his choice of words at the end of this segment🤔

That’s a major tell sign of his natural beliefs and mindset(attitude) #languageismyoffense

It was instinctual. He genuinely believed that this significant moment was an ‘opportunity’ to embrace, not a ‘problem’ to fear.

That’s a major difference in perspective, that creates a major change in how one behaves and emotionally FEELS in these type of moments.

If I see an ‘opportunity’, I FEEL excited.
If I see a ‘problem’, I FEEL fear.
Same situation.
2 very different perspectives.


Now I’m not saying there isn’t the odd player who enjoys the ‘problem’ perspective. It works for some, but not many. As a general rule, most thrive under the ‘opportunity’ perspective. That’s why practicing ‘gratitude’ has so many benefits for a persons health(G👀gle it to see the connection😉)

👉 What kind of perspective do you carry into each shift you play?

👉 How about into each game you play?

👉 How about into each practice you play?

👉 How about towards your coach’s play?

👉 How about towards your teammates play?

Perspective is something you build.
It’s not simply a feel good thing.
It’s a reality you work hard at staying focused on, because you know it’s the most productive solution for maintaining a healthy perspective and mindset(attitude) in stressful situations.

You can improve your perspective, if you choose to believe it’s important enough for you to DO it.

It’s as simple as that.

2 🔑zz to performing like Brady:

1️⃣ Stay in the moment

2️⃣ Perspective

Learn how to implement these 2 concepts into your game, and watch your performance skyrocket in no time👊❤️

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