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Led by Vinny Malts, Bloodline Hockey offers mental training programs, custom-designed to improve emotional intelligence, life, and leadership skills in hockey athletes. Coach Vinny has experience playing & coaching elite hockey and mentoring other professional athletes. The Bloodline Training Program (The FUNdies) better prepares athletes for the challenges and opportunities that present themselves over the career of a hockey athlete. Watch this short video to learn more about our philosophy and services.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to show competitive players their true potential on and off the ice and give them the confidence to reach the goals they strive so hard to achieve.

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Our Programs Can Help Your Athlete

  • Improved Focus On & Off The Ice 
  • Capitalizing On Ice Time 
  • Increase Internal Drive & Effort 
  • Respect For Self, Game & The Community 

Experience the Difference the mindSET Method can Make in Your Game and Your Life

A combination of sports psychology and mindfulness performance training designed for the competitive hockey player (high school to professional athletes)  seeking to achieve their greatest potential on and off the ice.  This 6-week online course teaches the psychology of peak performance, enabling you to push your previous boundaries, resulting in self-awareness and self-discovery that will lead you to new possibilities and results in your career, and in your life.

What athletes will receive: 

  • Weekly live video session (athletes only) 
  • One pre-recorded video lesson each week
  • Digital workbook to track player progress 
  • Group call to educate parents on their role in the process   
  • Player & parent community within the Bloodline App 
  • Weekly challenges aimed at increasing game sense 
  • All live sessions are recorded and provided to all participants
  • Accountability check-ins (3x/week)

Athletes will learn their strengths and how they can adapt to any team in any system making them a more coachable player. Coaches at the next level are searching high and low for players that are adaptable. This program provides the tools needed to become coachable, adaptable, and dependable. 

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What Our Customers Think About The FUNdies Program


Steve N.

Director of Yale Jr Bulldogs

“Every player can benefit from a program like this. My players that have participated in Bloodline programs are more confident and focused on their role on the team. They also continue to show an increase in the consistency of their game.”


Nick S.


“I have been assessing myself after shifts or games to make my performance better. When I have the puck I have been able to create better plays because I have a conscious mind."


Bryce H.


“My self awareness has completely changed from what it was. I feel like when it come to practice and games I am so much aware of what I need to do to succeed."


Jared S.


“I have identified the things I need to do to be successful in practice and have that translate to games. I have been dialed in and focused, but I have also still had a lot of fun playing!”


Thomas K.


“I have definitely noticed my focus level rise. I’ve been more prepared and have focused on more aspects of my game."

Front view of young ice hockey players during the match

Ian D.


“My self awareness on the ice has improved tremendously. I am now more alert on the ice and have been able to read plays more effectively and come up with the puck every time. I have been more focused in preparing for practices and games and it has translated onto the ice."

How Your Athlete Can Compete With Confidence

Even Against The Toughest Competitors


You'll receive guidance on: 

  • The ever-increasing competitive pressure athletes feel today 
  • How to overcome past mistakes that escalate to negative emotions and often become bad habits
  • How to help your athlete grow with confidence

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