Coach Vinny Malts

Even from playing ‘elite level’ hockey for 20 years and nearly a DECADE of coaching…

it took 2 OUTSIDERS, top-performances coaches, Brian Grasso and Carrie Cambell to make me see the missing mental pieces of the puzzle…

Heres the story:

Philadelphia, PA

This lovely diverse city beat the crap out of me growing up, so thats how my attitude developed:

Take no BS.

Played at the highest level till 16 years old.

Left home to play junior hockey 16-20.

While getting Division I NCAA offers, I decided to play in the Canadian Hockey League for Hull Olympiques (because it was the best route to the NHL back then).


That paid off. I was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in 1998.

But it ended early. I took a straight hit to my ankle.

This injury ended my next season: no contract possible. This did a number on me mentally.

In the 8 years that followed I bounced around the minors until 2 realizations crept up:

1. This game was pure business.

2. I was unhappy.

Wasnt hockey supposed to create all these wonderful feelings inside of you like confidence, discipline, teamwork, communication etc??

Well there’s GOOD NEWS…

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